There is always another road to travel, one where I will never quite know where I am but will always be never quite lost…

All text and photographs unless otherwise stipulated remains copyright of Blue Miller. Please do not use without an appropriate credit and link to http://www.neverquitelost.com. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Beautifully written article about a place I had barely heard of before. How two people existed in such an unearthly place for so long is remarkable. It would be a great shame if it sank into nothingness.


  2. Hello …. Do you have an update on the Route 66 Valentine diner in Sanders, AZ?

    I was past there a few weeks ago and nothing seems to have changed.

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  3. Finished up entire read , but didn’t leave comments. Some too dark for me , but still read them. Again amazing research and wordsmithing. ( it counts , I made it up.) Hopefully all is well and we’ll see more in future. Thank you!


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