Down this road that I must travel

I make no apologies for a title stolen from an 1980s pop song. After all, most of the good road quotes are already taken.

Unlike the roads.

They still exist, running north to south, east to west, sometimes through cardinal points that you didn’t know existed and that would make your head spin to comprehend. This is a blog about roads and the snapshots of the past that litter every yard of tarmac or concrete or dirt. It’s the things you never noticed and the things you’ve seen a hundred times and yet didn’t see. It’s somewhere to put my photos. It’s somewhere to justify the hours I spend distracted, butterfly-minded, by the curious and the commonplace. It’s another road to travel.

And I have no idea where this one is going…


All text and photographs unless otherwise stipulated remains copyright of Blue Miller. Please do not use without an appropriate credit and link to Thank you.

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